I’ve found five great blogs that can relate to MyMMA’s personal brand that we found useful, and we hope you can find them helpful too!  To start, 5 Ways to prepare your blog for Content Marketing helped us find our way to our audience with the tips provided.  The various blogging tips can translate over to our blog and Instagram.  A favored piece for that post is about the sponsored/promoted posting(s).  MyMMA can connect with resources such as ESPN, UFC, Bellator, etc. to give further recognition for one another.  We want to connect to and with our audience as part of our continued branding.  The second blog, 10 Tactics for Getting More Followers on Social Media, connected with our brand greatly and furthered our present ideas.  The blog reiterates the importance of things such as freebies (our Instagram giveaways), but gives us more insight on our engagement with followers.  We want our community to grow and become aware.  If we have a post we want hundreds and hundreds of comments sharing opinions, comments, questions, etc.  We want an engaged audience with a voice.  At MyMMA we aren’t just feeding you news and updates.  We are feeding from one another and creating an active community based on micro-journalism.


The third blog titled What Should You Be Posting on Instagram, helped cement our personal brand, as well.  At number six, we are excited about our weekly series.  We want our “Throwback Thursday” posts to be about memorial fights or incidents that bring up a conversation/dispute in our community.  In non-mixed martial arts terms, think of this example.  A common sports throwback dispute is “Is LeBron James better than Michael Jordan” (or vice versa).  Things that cause interaction, cause growth and “clicks” on our posts/pages.  The fourth blog gives us insight on our personal brand.  How to Rebrand Yourself-Quick Tips for a Strong Personal Brand, gave us strength in our unique selling position (USP).  This supports our base of MyMMA.  We are different due to our experience, deliverance, and consistent reminder of brand.  MyMMA will grow, and we will need to tailored for our personal brand and this post greatly keeps us tied to our roots in the process.  Lastly, our fifth blog we share with you is called: Following Passions, Self Doubt, and Motivation.  This blog is emphasizing one of the reasons we started MyMMA in the first place.  Passion.  Here at MyMMA our work is done with passion for passionate people.  We are constantly motivated to provide our audience no matter how big or small, our best work every single time.  We do it, because we want to.  We do it, for you.  If anybody is interested in viewing these blogs we will provide the links for you below!

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